Millions of people are leading a genuine rebellion in Latin America. In each country, the masses face again with determination the miseries that capitalism sentence them. The loyal representatives of the roughest neoliberalism as Macri or Bolsonaro have failed in their attempts to stabilize the situation. They don´t have any alternative and theirs awful attacks against the majority can only cause a bigger polarization and radicalization of the masses. The experience of the movement and reformists left-wing governments in many of this countries didn´t occurred in vain. The struggle intensifies and the situation shows itself as awful it is capitalism and misery or the struggle for to change the society.

Popular uprising in Honduras

The attempts of privatize health and education systems has been the last straw in Honduras. After two months of massive protests of doctors and teachers, new sectors have joined the struggle.

They demand the immediate expulsion of the president Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH) from the power, obtained in 2017 due to rigged elections, fact that caused massive protests.

At this moment the country is totally paralyzed due to street blockades, transport strikes and protests.

Even the state apparatus cracks and sectors of the National Police have been denying to keep repressing the protestants. This is a symptom of the magnitude of the movement, that even influence the repressive forces, a clear symptom of a revolutionary situation.

This also shows how divided is the bourgeoisie itself, that isn´t sure if the repressive measures taken by (JOH) are going to be able to handle the situation or is going to deepen it.

Since the end of June, the government has deployed the army and it has entrenched in the capital, causing crashes with the protesters for days. The result has been at least three deaths and around ten injured and arrests. Immediately as response the students of the Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) had taken the university. In a desperate attempt to avoid that the occupation of the university became an incentive, the military police of public order following JOH orders got in the UNAH opening fire on students. These actions are isolating more and more the executive which is only sustained by the EEUU support and the army.

The attacks from different governments are creating a huge reply in the streets that quickly became in a massive movement of millions of people that aim for changes. This also happened in Nicaragua less than one year before, when Daniel Ortega´s regime tried drastically to cut down the pensions. The pensioner´s mobilizations supported by students changed into a revolutionary crisis were the State lost the control of whole of entire zones of the country for months. When the masses start the offense, their objectives rises and their conclusions progress: it´s not any more about end with one or another extent, otherwise it´s necessary to end with corrupt governments responsible for the misery of the working class, the poor peasants and the rest of oppressed sectors.

This also happen with the president Jovenel Moïse in Haiti. The rage of the population from the poorest country in the whole Latin America has also exploded. Thousands of millions of dollars from the funds of Petrocaribe, the program developed by Hugo Chavez in 2005, has been “lost” in the coffers of the closest companies to the Haitian government. Meanwhile, in 2018, the executive of the little Caribbean country put on the table a rise of the 50% in fuel and electricity. The response of the Haitians workers and peasants forced the government to stop their plans. But this cession didn´t stopped the struggle. Since last summer when the protest started, the mobilization hasn´t stopped, increasing an upper level the last June.

The shock wave of strikes, mobilizations and political instability has reached Chile, Colombia or even Uruguay. The 25 of June took place a strike this country in support with the gas workers that were facing during months conflicts with the Brazilian oil company Petrogas. The consequence of the strikes in public companies, factories and even at smalls business has been really important.

Private and public health centers were close and the public transport was totally paralyzed. One of the sectors with higher follow-up has been the educative, with more of the 90% of the education workers stopped at the capital. The success of the strike shows that the accumulated discontent goes further than dismissals of Petrogas.

The capitalism is not compatible with a decent life for the most

Capitalists watches frightened the offensive of the young and workers. Many analysts already openly talk about an upcoming economic global recession. No country from has already recovered from the last one, and the economic setback of some of this one it´s already a reality.

The objective of the international bourgeoisie and North American imperialism to move forward in progress structural changes due to reduce production costs at locals and internationals companies.

Expecting end with pensions, worker rights, unemployment allowances, health care, public education, etc. They go after privatize and shut down the whole public sector at this countries to be able to obtain even more straightaway raw materials and cheaper labour costs. This are the needs of capitalists. Any workers conquest has to be erased: is incompatible with their profits and system.

The Argentinian situation is a good example. The president Macri -a short while ago was the new promise of the magnate´s continent – Has raised the price of electricity, water, gas and transport(between 200% and 1.300%), has fired thousands of public employees, cut down pensions and approved a labour reform which implied firing without dismissal compensation or cause.

The actual wage has fallen a 12%, the poverty rate has grown a 20% year-over-year. The 46% of the kids and young are poor, the 10% are indigent,3,2 millions of them don´t have access to tap water and 9,5% don´t have sewage system.

The Argentinian economy is in recession, the external debt has increases dramatically and the unemployment rate is the highest since 2005.

The workers declare war on Macri and Bolsonaro

The 29 of May the Argentinian working class paralyzed the country in the fifth general strike against this government. The country completely stops. During the three years and half of Macri in power mobilizations has been permanent. Teachers, public workers, pensioners, women and hundreds of collectives have taken the streets. The generated pressure has forced the CGT, the biggest union in the country has seen himself forced to call a general strike, shutting down with his conciliatory behavior and his strategy of impose social order.

The working class has grown strong as lead in one of the most important country in the continent. And it isn´t the only one.

In Brazil 45 million of workers shut down the 14 of June at the first general strike against the far-right Bolsonaro. Hundreds of protestants took the streets of more than 380 cities. This huge exercise in force preceded by enormous mobilizations as the educative system one, were more than 2 million of people participated in more than 200 cities, and the most sung slogan was “Out Bolsonaro”. The discredit and the lack of support of the government has been frenetic. According to the pollster Datafolha, after his first hundred days, a 30% considered bad or awful his management, a 33% ordinary and only the 32% as goo. All the advertising about the shift to the right of the masses in Brazil seems now as big lie.

Bolsonaro has tried to stop the mobilizations by force. Some of the members of this government has been linked to criminal organizations used to extort, threaten and murder. His oldest son, for example has been connected with bosses of the “Crime Office”, a mob composed but corrupt policeman and criminals related with far-right ideology. To this organization belongs to of the policeman that killed in March of 2018, the left-wing activist Marrielle Franco, after she has gotten elected as Rio Janeiro´s councilor and denounced the harassment of the police to the poorest neighborhoods. This reactionary cabinet has enthusiast militants with tendency to military coups and others members as the Agriculture Minister, Tereza Cristina Correa, linked to the most plantation owners of Brazil, whom finance and organize armed gangs against the “Without Lands”, suing violence to take lands where lives indigenous communities and be able to exploit them for their own profit.

But the action of picketers and the organization of workers has disabled the threats of firing and state machine terror could slow down the strike. This facts shows the incompetence and impotence of the state machine for stop the movement, when is necessary to combat.

Oppressed masses, poor peasants, the working class and youth are showing his strength, their wises of fight, and their resistance against repression, their manage and ability to organize their self. In America Latina could be swiped one by one all the corrupt and parasitic regimes, connected to drug dealers, imperialism and terror. To put an end to attacks and improve the for once the live of millions of people, ending with all the suffer and brutality of their lives. To do this break with the capitalist system and their institutions.

Although, plenty of organizations plays a leading role at this struggles and deny this premise and defends a system that favor the most, but preserving capitalists system.

Lopez Obrador: Or with the capitalists or with the working class!

In Mexico we are living a litmus test. The first of July2018, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) won the general elections. For 89 years the political representative of the oligarchy kept the power using the fear, the favoring and electoral fraud. After 5 months of AMLO´s government has shown that it´s impossible reconcile capitalist and workers interests.

Trying, as AMLO is doing, it´s condemned to failure. The bourgeoisie has boycotted and will avoid any essential measure that improves masses lives.

But Mexicans workers can´t wait. The victory of AMLO gave workers the confidence to believe in their own strength. That it´s how has been shown at the rebellion in the north of the country, leaded by make-up artist workers. After the denial of the business owners to raise the worker´s minimum wage decreed by the new government, more than 80.000 workers from around 90 companies has lead a strike that completely shut down the production. After several weeks the workers won the struggle against the trade association and finally getting the salary rise. To achieve this, they had to step over the CTM, the biggest and corrupt union, traditionally linked to the government and the trade association. So that´s how has born the National Union of Industry and Services 20/32, a fundamental step for the democratic and combative organization of workers.

Lead the struggle until the end: for the socialist transformation of the society

This victory shows the way to millions of oppressed in Mexico and whole Latin America. The capitalists aren´t going to respect any law against their own profits. Advance can be only be get with the struggle. The consequence of renounce to all this, to be assimilate by the institutions and reconcile with capitalists interest is tragic.

Capitalism can´t offer anything else to Latin America and nowhere else int the world to the working class and the most disadvantages sectors. Shut down with it is an essential condition for advance. The force of the masses to do it has been proved over and over in each struggle, in each country. The task is to take advantage of all that force to confiscate the banks, the lands, the big companies and all the imperialists resources to manage all that benefit for the workers. Plan of the economy in profit of the masses is the only way.