The climate change has become a huge danger for the future of the planet and the humanity itself. Mass media suggest that the ecological disaster is the result of "human action", but it is necessary to be more specific: this emergency situation reflects the logic and operation of the capitalist production system that sweeps all in its way, even the environment, to guarantee the profits for a bunch of monopolies and billionaires.

The people responsible of this savage environmental destruction have names and surnames in international markets and governments all over the world: 63% of the CO2 and methane emissions are the result of the activity of 90 multinationals and a well-known report by Oxfam points out that almost 50% of emissions are generated by the richest 10% of world population, while poorest half of this one only generate around 10%.

The planet is not dying, is being killed

This environmental crisis without precedents as has been published in investigations during the last period, show a horrific radiography of the environmental deterioration that suffers the Earth.

There are plenty of examples. The hottest 20 years of the history since climate measurement started have been recorded in the last 22 years, a fact that has specially affected cities with more than 5 million of residents. Also, the World Bank predicts a 4 degrees rise at the end of the century if the CO2 emissions are not reduced, which means the disappearance of the 60% of the American corn production and Indian whet.

The oceans´ situation is also alarming. A study published by Global Climate Change Institute of Queensland in Australia explains that the degradation of the quality of water and rise of temperatures and acidification of oceans has produced the disappearance of the 50% of coral reefs all over the world (the biggest marine ecosystem in the planet) in the last 30 years.

The rise of temperatures and sea level which provoke desertification, droughts, floods, deforestations of our woods or the natural disasters that have risen up at accelerated pace, have increased the crisis of climate refugees: more than 64 millions of people had to leave their places due this one itself, and according to the UN, in 20 years this number will be around 1.000 million.

Capitalism leads us to ecological barbarism

This entire situation has heavily hit the consciousness of millions of young people all over the world, rising a powerful ecologist movement in the streets, with countless student´s strikes and massive protests.

The direct action of the youth has also served as speaker for the recent studies about how quickly is the advance of this ecological disaster had a bigger auditorium. This is the fact that has forced sectors of the capitalist class and politicians at their service to show their "green consciousness" speeding up their demagogic campaign. With the strategy of joining the ecology trolley, they are now trying to pass the buck and avoid the fundamental responsibility that they have in this cruelty.

The hypocrisy that these well-heeled and politicians of the system do not have limits. Those who complain, as recently did president Macron at the G-7, asking how it is possible that "we had arrived to this situation", are the same that massively privatize our forests and jungles for multinationals companies from livestock and wood sector, through deliberate fires, can obtain more terrain for pastures, even thought that means to end with Brazilian Amazonia or sub-Saharan savannah.

Climate crisis has revealed that the capitalist´s interests are totally antagonistic to the interests of the majority of society. The practical actions that must be taken for the safeguard of the future of the planet crash against the interests of the different economic powers and the existence of the private property of land, productive and energetic means. In an age of absolute capitalism´s system decline, where the commercial war between EEUU and China and the competition for global market sets the tone of economic relationships, the ecological disaster is at its higher point.

What adds and what takes off in the struggle against climate change?

It is not by chance that the bourgeoisie and their managers try to introduce the new climate agreements or their ambient protocol as steps forward to control the harmful activities of big companies. But the truth is that all this is just a campaign which tries to assimilate the ecological movement, when not to directly buy it, and avoid that it gets an anti-capitalist and revolutionary content.

During the last months we have seen many examples: the system mass media pointing the "apoliticism" of ecological movement, Angela Merkel giving her public support to the climate strikes last 15M, Felipe VI warning about the importance of green politics, even the IMF urging to take "concrete measures”...

The fact that the right, the monarchy, economic powers or the mass media call themselves ecologists, do not add anything positive in the struggle against climate change as either to say they are welcome to this movement. This policy has the purpose of washing the face of the true responsibles of this ecological brutality and opening them a door where they can get in, manipulate and take advantage of this extraordinary struggle while at the same time they can make profits using "ecological" labels at their companies and commercials ads.

The big lie of "ecological capitalism"

Thinking about the possibility of building a "green capitalism" is a reactionary utopia which blames most of the society for the environmental crisis. The global bourgeoisie has already exploited with enthusiasm the traditional speech of green parties and institutional NGO´s about the "individual awareness" and responsible use. Ideas that are being constantly used around Greta Thumberg.

The media attention that Greta has received and is still receiving has a clear purpose: boost a individualistic speech about the role that everyone of us, regardless our social class, must have to stop climate change. Recently, newsletters from all over the world announced the arrival of Greta to New York coasts in a last generation sailboat for "avoid aircraft´s harmful emissions". With this initiative, that has been applauded by the "green" industrial lobby and politicians all over the world, has been sponsored by BMW, EFG (a Swiss bank linked to tax havens) and Monaco´s royal family. Is this the way to end with pollution? Reaching an alliance with banks, big companies and the monarchy?

These are precisely the actions and the arguments that give space to our enemies in their attempt to take advantage of our movement and use it in their own profit.  The wonderful rise up that has emerged reflects a generalized feeling of disappointment with the system and a deadlock for the majority of us. That is why our fight must not be targeted to the politicians that manage the system to "think about" and govern in an "ecological way". That is just ridiculous.

What is behind the green parties and the Green New Deal?

In many countries, especially in Europe, “green parties“ have tried to appear as a solution to slow down the ecological brutality. But following the capitalist logic or clinging to bourgeois institutions, trying to reverse environmental destruction becomes an impossible task.

When these parties have reached positions at European governments, using the same ecologist rhetoric, have applied the same austerity policies approved by right-wing governments or sharing minister positions with social democrats. In many occasions, they have also helped to avoid any control that can stop the environmental degradation. As example, the Swedish Green Party voting in favor of quotas for refugees, the German Green Party that applied the biggest policies of austerity since the post-war when the governed in coalition with the SPD between 1998 and 2005, or the Irish Green Party that supported the IMF  austerity policies when they were at the government.

Precisely the massive attribute that has adopted the ecologist movement has opened the institutional debate about the measures that must be taken for slow down the climatic change. The most popular one has been the Green New Deal (GND), boosted by the Democrat Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the United States. The purpose of this plan is to guarantee that companies manage from a ecological point of view and to end by this way with fossil fuels use. Actually, this kind of measures –as well as the declarations of "climate emergency" at the parliaments that many sectors are promoting- claim that capitalism can be reformed and let the survival of the planet and humanity to the good will of big miner, oil, electric, agribusiness, gas, wood monopolies... and the banks and investment funds which are behind them.

In the Spanish State, the PSOE´s government has also talked about boosting an "ecological transition agenda". But if Pedro Sánchez really wanted to fight the climate change he should be challenging the representatives of big companies and banks, starting with the nationalization of electric companies and the energy sector to be public. In politics are facts what matter, not words.

For a struggling and revolutionary ecology!

From the 20th to 27th September huge mobilizations are being organized all over the planet, including a new international student strike. There is no doubt that on these days will be shown our determination to fight against the responsibles of this environmental disaster, and from the Sindicato de Estudiantes and Izquierda Revolucionaria, we will be in the first line of this battle.

The task of rise a revolutionary ecologist movement which defends to end with the dictatorship of big monopolies over the global production, to plan the global economy in a rational and respectful way with the environment, is more urgent than ever. No patch or punctual measure will solve a global problem when we risk so much. We have to be realistic; we have to fight for the socialist transformation of society.

From el Sindicato de Estudiantes e Izquierda Revolucionaria we demand:

-The nationalization under worker´s democratic control of big energy companies: electric, mines, gas, oil, wind, solar... Closure of nuclear plants, and public plan of investments to stablish power industry 100% ecological and sustainable expanding workstations and ensuring the ones that already exist. No to energy poverty!

-For an infrastructure of free, good quality and ecological public transport. For a massive plan of investment to make the cities sustainable.

-Nationalization of cars, aeronautical and naval industry and transformation of their production to make it viable and non-polluting.

-Nationalization of land, fishing industry, livestock and food processing. For a sustainable, ecological and healthy feeding for everybody.

-Public recycling companies under worker’s democratic control. Stop of making ecologies a business!

-For a public and sustainable planed democratic production lead by the working class and the youth. Nationalization of banks and funds of investment. For the socialist and ecological transformation of society!